the workforce innovators network goal:

build a balanced workforce

All across the Canadian economy, there are several industries that do not currently offer extensive opportunities for women. By depriving Canadian businesses of gender diversity, we are depriving those businesses of the thought innovation that it brings. 

Did you know that at the current rate of growth, women’s representation in senior management roles will take 147 years to reach parity? Join the WIN movement and commit to bringing more balance to Canadian businesses.

How does that happen?

  • Make a commitment to get input from all voices 
  • Look for bias within your organization’s recruiting and promotion practices
  • Book a speaker with extensive workforce knowledge for your next panel, workshop or conference
a path to a better world

Our philosophy

our mission
  • Harness the collective power of those who are invested in balancing the workforce and build nationwide awareness of its benefits.
our vision
  • Create opportunities that improve (work)spaces that benefit both industry and the community at-large.
our values
  • Collaborative: utilize collective skills and knowledge
  • Inclusive: encourage involvement from all
  • Integrity: practice honesty and respect
time is running out

What do we need?

Years to go
skills gap peak