Champions know that creating change is important and want to share their support publicly. Their collective voices are a necessary part of the ongoing conversation regarding creating balanced spaces.

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Founded in 2014, Build a Dream encourages & empowers young women to make informed career choices.

We need to take bold, innovative action to change the composition of Canadian workplaces, and to bring greater balance to the negotiating table. We are proud to bring this initiative forward.

Colin aims to use his passion for the greater good of the construction industry by helping to challenge the status quo and break down all barriers to entry.

A balanced workforce not only cultivates a strong culture and a variety of thoughts and opinions but provides equal opportunities. It is 2020, society is progressing, and if organizations don’t address the other 50% of the population, they will not be able to keep up with those that do.

Kavaughn​’s professional career extends over 13 years, with the last 6 in Wealth Management as a Private Wealth Consultant and Investment & Wealth Advisor.

I am humbled to be one of only 16% females and 1% visible minorities in the Professional Advisory space in Canada. My number one Professional focus: To enrich the lives of Individuals & Entities in our community through Mentorship, Advocacy, and Advice.