Student Recruitment Officer

Passionate storyteller and cultural change advocate.

“Speaking about the systems of racism and bias that exist in our institutions is necessary.  “

Radha Patel
The daughter of Indian immigrants, Radha quickly realized that brown-skinned citizens were not equals in Canada. Her professional and personal experiences with racism, stereotypes, and marginalization inspired Radha to find her voice, speaking out when women and people of colour are excluded.

From teaching overseas and visiting more than 20 countries, Radha’s extensive education and life experiences have not only shaped her as an individual, they have helped make her culturally competent on a variety of topics:

  • Starting courageous conversations
  • Conducting a workplace diversity audit
  • Deconstructing inherent bias and moving forward
  • (In)Visible assets and advantages of white privilege

Radha has a Masters degree in Education with a focus on Second Language Acquisition Culture and Society, and recently completed the Women in Education Leadership program at the Harvard Graduate School of Professional Education. She is a graduate of Leadership Windsor Essex, sits on the steering committee for the United Way’s Emerging Philanthropist program, and is a board member for Habitat for Humanity Windsor Essex where she brings a diversity and inclusion lens to help with recruitment and decision making.

Radha is both ardent and knowledgeable and wants to help you facilitate the (sometimes difficult) conversations that are necessary to “move the needle”.

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