Director of Public Relations & Communications 

Leading a mission to illuminate the benefits of a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

“For the story to change, the voices need to change. Empower, inspire and rely on many having a seat at the table…

Arms Bumanlag‘Your background doesn’t represent what our audiences want.’

That sentence was hard for Arms to hear and even harder to process. After applying for a new broadcasting position and meeting the requirements of the posting – that response opened Arms eyes to the veil of ‘equity’ in media and that is where his personal journey began…a journey to break the ‘bamboo ceiling’ (once a perception, but realizing that it was firmly in place).

Due to his tireless efforts in the media industry and a perceived bias in the way newsrooms and media management operate, Arms has made it a mission to illuminate the benefits of a more inclusive  and equitable workplace, not just in media but all sectors.

In addition to his inclusivity and diversity work in media, Arms also became an advocate for Autistic individuals (like his brother) to get the access to services and care they need. His passionate support expanded to healthcare when his newborn son, Liam, was diagnosed with a number of life threatening congenital heart defects. Arms decided to offer support and guidance to others and now works with dozens of families who are going through similar critical health issues with children.

His two decades in radio, television, and digital media has included sales and marketing, hosting his  own talk radio show, forecasting the weather, reporting live from hundreds of events and breaking news on radio and TV, producing TV and radio shows, programming music stations, and anchoring his own live television and digital newscast. No stranger to public speaking, Arms thrives on an audience and loves to interact in his talks.

Raised in a Filipino/Chinese and French Canadian and Indigenous household, Arms grew up with the values and the culture from many ethnicities. After an award-winning career in media, he made the jump into the Health Care sector as Director of Public Relations and Communications for Erie Shores HealthCare. Arms speaks on a wide variety of topics including his own struggles with mental health and anxiety. He can also speak on:

  • Challenging ethnic bias and providing inclusive workplace environments
  • Mental health and wellness for workplaces
  • Creating authentic outreach and engagement for communities
  • The inherent value in diverse voices in an untapped market
  • Why Customer Care is 1st and foremost
  • Making a Difference in Media: Why the story will never change unless barriers are broken

Arms can help you and your organization move the needle in the right direction and have those difficult conversation with your team about how to include, utilize and adapt for today’s world, bringing everyone to the table with their talents and experiences to weave a successful tapestry of shared voices in your workplace.

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