Feminist Sociologist & self-described ‘space invader’

Passionate about cultivating transformative social change by making society accessible.

“Invading space is a useful tactic in creating or expanding space to include those that have traditionally been excluded…”

Evalina Baczewska

As a woman with a physical disability, Evelina’s work is focused on foregrounding the voices and lived experiences of people living with disabilities as a way of illuminating and eliminating barriers. Being a feminist sociologist, her work analyzes the ways in which social markers of difference––race, class, gender, (dis)ability, etc. inform people’s unique standpoints, and how such identity categories coalesce producing distinct experiences of oppression and privilege.

In a world that largely privileges the voices, movements, places, spaces, paths, and representations already forged by those who meet gender and other embodied norms, her advocacy is informed by those that do not ascribe to normative ways of being––heteronormative, ableist, and patriarchal tendencies. 

Not shying away from exposing institutional barriers and limits, Evelina’s speaking engagements demonstrate the necessity of making everyday life accessible. Doing so, she relies on her own experience of navigating space (i.e. the workforce, places of higher education, and other social institutions) to speak truth to power by concretely illustrating that her presence in such spaces continues to be contested.

She holds an active research portfolio exploring youth-led social change, disability & embodiment, and diversity & inclusion.

Through her learned, witty, and insightful journey, she evocatively speaks on topics including:

    • Disability, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace and Other Social Institutions
    • Youth Politics, Engagement, and Everyday Life
    • Disorienting Disability

Evelina urges those that experience a verity of barriers to continue to refuse to get used to it by shining an informed light on the structures that don’t openly welcome our presence.

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