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“People tried to talk me out of doing what I loved…”

Elizabeth Moses is a registered CNC Machinist at Windsor Mold Group and mentors in her life provided the encouragement needed to follow that career path. Born in a refugee camp in Sudan, Elizabeth moved to Canada at 5 years old; despite her youth, she has many life experiences and advice to share on:

  • The importance of hands-on exposure to skilled trades and STEM careers
  • Why mentors are important, particularly for girls
  • Focusing on self while bettering your ecosystem
  • How soft skills can improve your career

In high school, Elizabeth was inadvertently placed in a woodworking class but it was that “mistake” that introduced her to the teacher that would recognize her technical potential. As a coach for the school’s robotics team, he encouraged Elizabeth to join the group and she soon realized that she enjoyed machining and making parts for the robot. This mentorship led her to explore a career in the skilled trades. Other mentors followed and with their ongoing support, Elizabeth completed her apprenticeship and works to improve herself daily.

 Elizabeth is a relatable role model who wants to change the lives of not just her family, but society at-large. She is particularly interested in supporting young women who may be unsure about their future.

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