President & CEO

Committed to identifying and maximizing human potential.

Rakesh Naidu Rakesh Naidu is the President & CEO at the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. He is responsible for initiating and executing the strategy at the Chamber of Commerce to create economic prosperity in the region. Rakesh is a Chemical Engineer, a volunteer teacher, and has a post-graduate Diploma in Business Management. His vast experience across a variety of sectors allows him to provide guidance on:
  • Economy and employment issues
  • Creativity & Inner Space
  • Women in the corporate world
From working with the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation to experience in Environmental Engineering and Automotive, Rakesh works closely with leaders in industry to identify and maximize the potential in each sector. He facilitates activities with other agencies, economic development organizations and key stake holders to ensure success. As an ambassador of Windsor-Essex, Rakesh takes immense pride in the intrinsic strengths, achievements and diversity of the region. He is enthusiastic about sharing his experiences with audiences who want to boost their local workforce and economy.

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