Inspector, Special Projects

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“You might have to work hard to change workplace attitudes…”

Tammy Fryer

Inspector Fryer is a 30-year veteran of the Windsor Police Service. She is the third female Inspector in the history of the service and shortly after obtaining this role in 2015, quickly realized that there were no supports in place to help her advance within her career. Being a woman in an oppressive male-dominated workplace was (and still is) not easy, but through strong networking and effective communication, she has become a mentor and role model to both male and female officers province-wide.

Tammy speaks from her extensive background of creating positive community impact and shares advice on:

  • Bringing the right people together to accomplish goals and initiatives
  • Challenging bias and providing inclusive workplace environments
  • Gender diversity in recruitment
  • Committing to people before policy
  • Mental health and wellness for intense or high-risk careers
  • Creating core programs for communities

Tammy’s leadership and management experience comes from a diverse array of operational and administration areas. In addition to her traditional policing duties, Tammy introduced the Police, Ethnic and Cultural Education (PEACE) training program, developed the Community Outreach and Support Teams including enhanced officer/emergency department protocols, developed an internal women’s mentoring program along with a provincial working group Advancing Women in Policing – Ontario (a provincial advisory committee to address gender and inclusivity in policing), and is currently working on a learning opportunity for young men which redefines masculinity by promoting emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, and gender equity.

Tammy is passionate about using positions of leadership to empower others to create positive change in their own environments, thereby creating future leaders.

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